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Hello World

It has come to our attention that Earth has fallen well short of producing its yearly quota of Znufengerbs. To help you improve your production and establish a plenfidul Znufengerb colony, I, Zog, he Minister of Agriculture of Grustland, will be arriving on your planet within the week along with my herd experts to take command of your Znufengerb enterprise.

Do not fear, I have the highest expectations for a smooth transition from your current production of the creturesyou call cows to our beloved Znufengerbs. the future of the galaxy hinges on Earth's ability to meet its Znufergeb quota, and I will do all in my power to make you the most productive source of Znufengerbs in the universe.

I have studies your history extensively and feel that I am the bset candidate for theposition of Znufergerb Minister. I look forward to placing a Znufengerb in every home to bring you joy.

Zog, Ministre of Agriculture